The arena is a place where you can practice your PVP-skills in a unique made arena full of obstacles and structures. Currently the Arena is using "Edron" as its map. When Tibianic started Iryont took Thais as the first Arena map for a very long time. After a year people got tired of Thais and wanted to see some changes and so it was changed to Vilias, which didn't last very long as people didn't like it at all. Eventually CM Doyle changed the Arena once again to the Amazon Camp located west of Venore. Within the update CM Doyle changed the Arena again, but this time to Edron.


Even after 2 years of Tibianic, the arena is still a place to be. Countless fights on organized or unorganized events. It's a way to train and practice your PVP without having to waste any of your runes or ammunition. You shouldn't use rings or necklaces inside of the arena, since they aren't infinite. The same applies to the Ice rapier.


There are no monsters in the arena which makes teleporting really easy. And since the Trade Option has been disabled in arena, people tend to trade things there by putting their items on the ground. Though, this is not recommended and should only be done if the trading partner is trustworthy.

Runes are infinite.
Mana Fluids are infinite.
Ammunition is infinite.
Skills or experience can't be lost in the arena.
Skills or magic level can't be trained in the arena.

Walk to any temple NPC and you can enter the arena.
It doesn't have to be your home town, it can be any temple.

[To the arena]
Player: Hi
Player: Arena
NPC: Do you want to go to the Arena?
Player: Yes

[Go back to Tibia]
Player: Hi
Player: Back
NPC: Are you sure you want to leave the arena?
Player: Yes

temple npc.pngman in the cave.png

NOTE: I wouldn't recommend to use any poison,fire,energy (wall bomb field ), as you can abuse them.
People will suicide in the real world and it will cost you a unjustified frag. I warned you!