Blessings holy cross.gif

Blessings can be obtained by any player and reduces how much experience, magic level and skills you will lose in a death.
Every blessing costs 10k (10.000 gp), and you can only obtain it when you don't already have that blessing.
These blessings will be lost if you die.

There are 5 different blessings:
The Spiritual Shielding, south of Thais. ( Norf, hereMap_(Colour).gif.)
The Embrace of Medivia, north of Carlin. ( Humphrey, hereMap_(Colour).gif.)
The Fire of the Suns, just below Ab'Dendriel. ( Edala, hereMap_(Colour).gif.)
The Wisdom of Solitude, on Eremo's Island. ( Eremo, hereMap_(Colour).gif.)
The Spark of the Phoenix, inside Kazordoon. First Kawill then Pydar. ( Kawill hereMap_(Colour).gif and Pydar, hereMap_(Colour).gif.)

A character loses 10% of his experience when he dies, but promoted players only loses 7%. Each blessing decreases the percentage by 1%, so the least possible experience a player can lose upon death is 2%, with blessings and promotion. One blessing and the promotion require premium accounts. After death a character will lose all blessings.



First go to the White Flower Temple south of Thais and buy Spiritual Shielding from Norf. Then take the boat to Carlin and walk to Humphrey to buy the Embrace of Tibianic. From there either take the boat or walk to Ab'Dendriel to buy the Fire of the Suns from Edala at the Suntower. Take the boat from Ab'Dendriel to Edron, from Edron to Cormaya and from Cormaya to Eremo's Island to buy the Wisdom of Solitude from Eremo. After that, take the Steamship to Kazordoon and buy the Spark of the Phoenix in two parts, from Kawill and from Pydar.

If you prefer saving some money, you should start in Edron, travel to Cormaya by boat or through Edron Rotworm Cave, from there to Eremo's Island and buy the Wisdom of Solitude. Go back to Edron and take the Magic Carpet to Femor Hills. Walk to Carlin and buy the Embrace of Tibianic; then walk to Ab'Dendriel and buy the Fire of the Suns. From there walk to Kazordoon and buy the Spark of the Phoenix. Finally, go to the White Flower Temple and buy Spiritual Shielding.