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Here you can find answers to all questions that newcomers regularly come up with.

Do I have to buy Spells?

Yes, you have to buy spells at the guild quarters of your vocation. To find the right NPC in your town check out the NPC page - here.

Do small stones break?

Yes, they break on the first shot.

How long has Medivia been online for?

Legacy went online on July 29th, 2011.
Spectrum went online on December 20th, 2014.

Where are Medivia's servers hosted?

In northern France at the moment.

Rune shops exist on this server?

No they don't exist. You need to buy runes from players or make them yourself.

Do spears break?

No, spears don't break.
**Although Headhunter Spears do have a chance to break.

Do I have to pick up my spears?

Yes, every thrown spear lands on the ground, so you must walk there and pick it up again.

What is the skill rate?

Legacy has 2x skill rate.
Spectrum has 1x skill rate.

What is the magic rate?

On both servers the magic rate is 1x, but on the Legacy server you gain mana and hp twice as fast (making it 2x provided you expend mana).

What is the loot rate?

The loot rate is 1x on both Legacy and Spectrum, so there is not an extra chance to loot any item.

Can I have more than one task at once?

Yes, you can have two tasks at a time, but they must be from different factions. For a list of tasks see Tasks.

Where can I see what task I am on?

In the Quests tab, click on Tasks and you will see all the tasks you have finished, as well as the progress of your current one.
If you ask the NPC Radek for tasks and scroll down the list until you reach a progress entry. The task name above this entry is your active task.

How do I share experience with my summons?

You will always get half of the experience from your summons. It doesn't matter if you summon one or two creatures, you will still get half of the exp.

Are there wands and rods on this server?

There are wands on this server, although they cannot be used to damage. For a list of wands click here.

There are no wands or rods - How do I level my mage?

Sorcerers and druids level up by slaying monsters with the help of melee weapons, summons or runes.

Do I need worms to fish?

No, you don't. All you need to fish is a fishing rod and a pond to fish from. You can not fish the same square of water repeatedly until the tile refreshes.

Are any epic quests solved, yet?

No, none of the epic quests are solved yet on either Legacy nor Spectrum.

How many kills does it take to get red skull/banned?

Unjustified kills penalize you with a white skull that lasts the duration of your battle sign. If you take the last hit on a player you are punished furthermore for 15 minutes.
You get a red skull after:
  1. Killing 3 players in one day.
  2. Killing 5 players in one week.
  3. Killing 10 players in one month.
Doubling these numbers within the time period will be punish you with a one week ban.
To see how many players you have killed, you can log into the game and say !unjustkills. Here is a list of other ingame commands.
Red skull lasts for 30 days. If you have red skull and take another unjustified kill, regardless if it is only one, the red skull timer is reset to 30 days.

How long does it take for a red skull to disappear?

One month (30 days). Note that each unjustified kill while redskulled will reset the timer back to 30 days.

Can free account players own houses?

After an update that occurred in March 15th, 2014, free account players are no longer able to own houses.

Why can't I sleep in my bed?

You can only sleep in your bed if you are level 35+ (Spectrum) and level 50+ (Legacy). The reason for this is to avoid massive bed mage farms.

How much mana can I regenerate while sleeping?

Using a bed inside a player's house will regenerate 75 mana after 15 minutes. However eating Dragon Ham, Hydra Ham or Frozen Ham before sleeping will allow for greater regeneration over longer period of time.
This is a one time regeneration. You must log in, eat food and reuse the bed to gain mana again.

How much time does it take to make a backpack of rune X?

For a table that shows how much time it takes to make the most common runes - click here.

Who are Medivia's Staff members?

We have a Medivia Staff page, click here.