This is a list of updates and a change log. You can find out what new has been implemented in the game.

July 13, 2014: Tibianic Summer Patch Update 1.1
  • 1) First of all, due to lack of players on Forgula, the undead population increased massively in all tombs on the island. Fight back the undeads in revamped tombs which enable you great hunting fun, solo and in teams... Frost dragons population increased, too. You better team hunt them now!
  • 2) The orcs were able to gather a serious amount of orc troops on Coldridge. You better strike them first before they attack Senja and Carlin!
  • 3) Frozen Den was revamped. Check it out!
  • 4) The natives of Darama were hit hard by your attacks on them. Close to all Slave Hunters escaped to safer places and you will barely find any on the ground floor. However, their secret hideout, Daraman, is therefore more crowded. Especially the secret tomb!
  • 5) We introduce faction outfits. Thaian Army members and members of dwarven and elven faction may now outfit themselves with respective outfits. Lightbringers have to wait abit, unfortunately until they will be able to wear their outfits. Expect them in next two weeks.
  • 6) We introduce COLLECTION. Talk to NPC Robin to learn more about this. This game feature enables you to literally collect creature products from many creatures and some creatures may yield different products by using different tools on them. Do not be afraid! This feature is not making some monsters OP or too profitable. Only two products can be sold for gold, the rest can be used to exchange them for more interesting decoration. By the collection feature we hope to encourage long-term players to continue the game and to look for new challenges in this field, too!
  • 7) Experience 15 new raids!
  • 8) We introduce a new island and race. The foreign lands are located far east. So far the isle was never discovered due to massive storms in this area and the salesmen were not daring to go further to the east. However, some days ago a massive eruption hit Tibianic. The volcano is active now, unhiding the existence of the foreign lands to all inhabitants of Tibianic. Immediately the King and other leaders send their best soldiers to explore the island. Silverguards may use the Edron boat to reach the island. High rank Lightbringers should talk to their leader about the foreign lands. Everyone else have to proof to the captain that they can survive on that island. Learn more about the foreign lands and its inhabitants the ogres, soon!
Full info here

March 30, 2014: Tibianic Update 1.0 - The Awakening of Gods
  • 1) Step on a total of 2.409.612 new tiles
  • 2) Hunt one of 2.154 new spawns
  • 3) Access six new island out of which four already existed previously but were not used until today
  • 4) Live in one of a dozen new houses
  • 5) Experience the calm atmosphere of a new village including depot
  • 6) Explore more than a dozen new major quests including more than 80 submissions
  • 7) Participate in a great war between Thaian Army and the Lightbringer Faction
  • 8) Fight one of 27 new monsters
  • 9) Have for once a choice in quests - every decision you make will come back to you!
  • 10) Have a trip with our new raft system
  • 11) Enjoy the feeling of a true team hunt
  • 12) Have a full overview of all your quests in the quest log
  • 13) Experience unique gaming experience with an unseen custom client which is adjusted to your personal needs
Full info here.

January 11, 2014: Tibianic client v1.0
  • shift toggle key for W/A/S/D walking was switched to ESC key,
  • it should be now possible to walk diagonal using Q/E/Z/C keys,
  • it is now possible to display extra mana bar above your character, the option is available under Tibianic advanced options.

October 8, 2013: Tibianic client v1.0
  • New GUI added.

August 5, 2013: Tibianic client v1.0
  • "Exp/h bar" option added
  • Added option to toggle W/A/S/D walking by shift key.
  • Minor changes for stability.

July 30, 2013: Tibianic client v1.0
  • New anti-bot client
  • Colored light (green/red/blue/yellow spellwands, frozen starlight gives now infinitive light with different colors
  • New items ( Elven Bow, Flaming Bow found so far)
  • CAM recorder and CAM player added to the client
  • Ping status in game
  • News window (you can now fetch news from the website using one button in game!)
  • USA Proxy server (it might help players from the USA or Brazil with lowering the ping)

April 14, 2013: Shared exp and Tasks
  • Possibilty to share gained experience while hunting.
  • NPC Radek
  • Tasks - hunting missions.

November 15, 2012: Minor Update.
  • Added "Pits of Inferno" - Dragon Lair.

February 25, 2012: New Client Update.
  • DirectX 9 and OpenGL

February 2, 2012: Minor Update.
  • Comments on Character-Page

December 26, 2011: Minor Update.
  • Possibility to buy and trade premium roses in-game.

December 22, 2011: Minor Update.
  • Level requirement has been lowered for demon helmet quest to value of 80.
  • Bed regeneration has been increased.
  • There will be shown a level requirement on gate of expertise as it was in Real Tibia.
  • Some minor fixes to the engine.

August 20, 2011: Minor Update.
  • Added all boss monsters.

July 29, 2011: Start
  • Tibianic server has been launched