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Here you will find all the information you might need to know about Medivia.

Rates Legacy: 2x Experience, 2x Skills, 2x Mana Regeneration, 1x Magic, 1x Loot
Rates Spectrum: 1x Experience, 1x Skills, 1x Mana Regeneration, 1x Magic, 1x Loot
Rates Pendulum: Variable Experience Stages, 8x Skills, 4x Mana Regeneration, 3x Magic, 3x Loot
Rates Destiny: 1x Experience, 1x Skills, 1x Mana Regeneration, 1x Magic, 1x Loot

Wiki News

New Wiki - 16 April, 2018

It was a little hectic, I went through so many different hosts trying to find a place for our wiki to go, but none of them really seemed to be that good. But where I failed, our old friend Faark has succeeded. I introduce to you our new wiki.

external image 37482356-surprised-woman-face-with-wow-bubble.jpg


Closure - 13 February, 2018

Unfortunately our host (Wikispaces) is closing down, and on the 27th of September, 2018, our Medivia Wiki will be gone. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who gave their time to editing our pages, and that their time was not in vain as we created a great wiki that helped thousands of players journey throughout the lands of Medivia - you should be proud of yourselves for what was accomplished.

Yours sincerely,
external image closing.jpg

Downtime - 25 July, 2017

external image b48.jpg
Unfortunately Wikispaces (our host) will be going down on July 29th at 12:00am PDT and won't be back up until July 31st 01:00am PDT. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


Donations - 27 January, 2017

Today I added a donation page for anyone who wishes to help keep up. Since its birth, Lortsa has bared the cost of keeping this wiki alive himself, although as he moves on, we need to take this as a community. It is for this reason that I have added a donation page, although you will find that the only link will be here on the main page, between the welcome and the news. While we need donations to keep the wiki, I do not believe personally that we should string it across the site, and that you shouldn't feel as if you have to donate.

Thank you,

Welcome to 2017! - 1 January, 2017

The whole Medivia staff wish you a happy new year and so do we at the Medivia Wiki!

Keep up the beautiful work,

Update of 2016 - 4 October, 2016


Mapper Updated - 24 September, 2015

The Medivia Mapper has been updated with the new areas. Since these are based on my personal maps there are still areas missing, mainly areas connected to the Thaian Faction. If you have more complete maps of missing areas or you find something that's not working correctly send a message ingame to Samuel on Legacy or Signalbehandling on Spectrum.


Name Change - 28 July, 2015

I would like to inform you that the wiki name will be changing soon. The new name is (as you can probably see by now) Medivia. I hope you like this new name.


Daily Respawns - 3 June, 2015

We just add a new section called "Daily Respawns", this can be found under the section Extra Information. The term "Daily Respawns" in Tibianic generally refers to an item that can be collected once a day (like a War hammer or other Valuables).

If you know anything that spawns once a day, feel free to add it to the page or leave us a PM.

Xhael and Le'mon

Combination Collection Tasks - 21 May, 2015

I just added in this near the bottom of the page. If you know of any tasks that require a combination of skinning products please add them there (or leave a message in the chatbox).



Hey guys. I know you're busy and I totally get why people don't often edit anything.
But please just... If you see a blank page, please just fill it in. It doesn't matter if you can only fill in the name and picture of the item it's fine! Seriously.
If you need some help just throw a message down in the chat or something. We took a lot of the information from the Tibia Wiki and adapted it to 7.4. The thing is, we have 729 accounts registered to this wiki alone. We get roughly 10,000 views every month.
Every little bit counts.


2014 Overview, Summary of Information - 3 January, 2015

Summary 2014.png

Merry Christmas - 25 December, 2013

Hello all!

May this Christmas marks the beginning of a wonderful year for us. Have a joyous Christmas!


There will be no poll for a few weeks.

Guess update date contest - 4 November, 2013

Hello everyone!

Gilmor Thunderbell is organising a "Guess update date" contest. If you feel lucky and want to win some cash you should definately take part. For more details, click on the following link:

Guess update date contest

TibianicWiki Contest - 1 September, 2013

Welcome to the monthly wiki contest!

This is your chance to win a free premium rose, by using some of your creativity. Every month you will have a chance to win a free premium rose. The winner will get the rose at exactly the first of every month " 20:00 PM dutch time ". The premium rose will be send to your thais depot, no discussion possible.

What do you have to do? The montly contest is called "Let's build". Every month there will be a new theme that has to be build. The first month, I took the theme "Zoo". I want you people to build a zoo. Use your creativity, be original, you can use anything ingame. Parcels, chairs, tables, tapestries, food, items anything. The best zoo will receive a free premium rose.


Send in maximal 3 Screenshots of your zoo. Be original and you might win a free rose. If you're the only one making a zoo, then it's a easy win. If you win the rose, 1 of your screenshots will be shown for a whole month on the page "best screenshot of the month". That's how you see who won the contest.

If you decide to make a zoo with your friends, fine, but make it clear on the screenshot which player will receive the rose if your zoo wins.If not, I'll just send it to a random person on the screenshot.

Kerstin and I will decide which screenshot is the best as you have to send it to the Tibianicwiki email. You won't be able to see your oponnents creations.

Theme: A zoo.
Reward: here
Send it to:

This contest started at 1 september and will last until 15 september. This is just a try out to see how many players like it. So yes, if you are creative, you can basicly win 2 roses this month. Normally it's 1 theme a month, but because it's a try out I start with 2.

Have fun building!

The Release - 11 August, 2013

The waiting is over! We proudly present you our own made TibianicWiki!


The wiki is being made by a group of friends who all contributed as much as they could. Every page is unique as we had to write almost everything manual. We've tried to keep the site as user friendly as possible so people can search for what they need in just a few seconds. We've added a lot of information about: Monsters, Items, Quests, Spells, Blessings, Tasks and much more and as Tibianic continues to grow with content we want TibianicWiki to become your primary source for information.

Moreover, the website is far from it's completion, but we decided to make it available for everyone. We do think it has enough to offer, to answer the main questions people tend to search for.

TibianicWiki offers you the TibianicMapper, that will show any possible location you wish for on the map. It will automaticly create a url, so it's easy to share or save for later purpose. Furthermore, we have the famous experience and magic level table. Feel free to join the chat if you have any questions or just like to talk.

If you register on, you'll be able to become member after I approve your account. After that, it's possible for you to edit pages and fix bugs or even create pages yourself. We spend a lot of free time on this project, so we'd appriciate if you share this site with you friends.

Please not that there might be some mistakes at certain pages, as we all wrote everything manually. Post bugs in the chat, or on the forum. Also, you may fix them yourself if you feel like it!

King Regards,

Happy Easter - 31 March, 2013

On behalf of all the TibianicWiki Team, I would like to wish you all a very restful and Happy Easter and thank you for your continued contributing. Either way, have fun Easter egg hunting and hanging out with family.

Kind Regards,

Wikipedia Update - 6 March, 2013

Life has taught me some important lessons about the necessity of maintenance. If you don't take care of your health, you'll get sick... if you don't paint your house, it will rot... and if you don't change the oil in your car frequently, someday you'll have the blissful opportunity to replace your engine.

The same is true with our Wikipedia. Despite all the time we put into its design, if you neglect it, it will provide modest or little benefit in return. The success of our web venture will rely much on the amount of attention and maintenance we put into it.

We had enough editors but missed a good programmer that could help us with it's design. Therefore, we decided to search for a programmer, who could offer all of this luxery and luckily found Kerstin, that beauty-wise magically transformed the Wikpedia into a beautiful Website.
Kind Regards,

Serveral News - 26 February, 2013

Already after one week of hard work, our website has been updated a lot! During the week I have been searching for volunteers, that were willing enough to join our team. So far our team consists out of 8 members, that are motivated and encouraged to contribute to the Website. The Wikipedia is rapidly improving, to that what wikipedia is; An information website. Therefore I'd like to thank you all. Let's hope we will face a gratifying future!

A few days ago there were 8 different people browsing the website, while it was meant to remain secret. Therefore I've decided to make the wikipedia only visible for those who joined as member. Let's wait until the website has more to offer, and actually has some significative information to show.

Kind Regards,